The Firm

Rosetini & Partners (the “Firm”) is committed to providing quality legal service with a high degree of attention to its clients.

It is the Firm’s objective to understand the client’s needs and assist its clients in an efficient and effective manner to achieve their goals and conclude their transactions.

Indonesia’s economy has been going through different phases because of the economic and political situation. Many laws and regulations have been changed following the dynamics in the economic development and political situation, both domestically or by the influence of other countries and global trends.

Therefore, it is of utmost importance for companies that are doing business in Indonesia to obtain professional legal advice which will provide them with understanding and knowledge about the Indonesian legal system and practice.

With the experience of its lawyers and their professional integrity, the Firm ensures that its clients are provided with quality legal services. The Firm is aiming for a long term and mutually beneficial relationship with its clients.

We believe that with our passion, experience and commitment, we will be able to continue providing legal assistance as required by our clients and contributing to the success of their business in Indonesia.

Strategic Alliance with International Law Firm

The Firm has a strategic alliance with Nishimura & Asahi, one of the biggest law firms in Japan since November 2014.

The alliance has resulted in a fruitful cooperation between the two firms.

Rosetini & Partners with its long experience in handling Japanese companies investing in Indonesia has provided valuable support to Nishimura & Asahi’s clients in doing business in Indonesia.