Areas of Practice

General Corporate

The Firm offers legal assistance in relation to the presence and operations of companies doing business in Indonesia by providing advice on the relevant regulations with respect to the business activities of those companies.

We also provide advice on other aspects of the companies’ business, including distribution agreements, sale and purchase agreements, license agreements and other agreements.

On corporate matters we provide advice related to the management of the company, general meetings of shareholders, articles of association and other related matters.

We also provide advice on compliance matters, which include compliance with the company law, investment law, and other relevant laws and regulations.

Banking & Finance

The Firm has experience in providing legal services in the areas of banking and finance.

In the area of banking, we can assist in drafting the loan agreements, security documents and other banking transaction documents, either representing the lender or borrower.

The Firm also provides advice on banking and finance laws and regulations.

We represent banks and finance companies with respect to their transactions with clients as well as their compliance with the relevant regulations of government institutions.

The Firm has assisted in the establishment of several finance companies.

Foreign Direct Investment

We assist our clients in realizing their goals to develop a business in Indonesia starting from helping the client to prepare the best possible scheme of transactions for their investment in Indonesia considering the legal environment.

For the establishment process, we also help our clients in the negotiation process for the joint venture agreement. Other work includes preparing and drafting articles of association and other relevant legal documents, applying for and obtaining the required licenses and permits.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We have experience in the field of mergers and acquisitions.

In acquisition transactions we have represented both the acquiring party (ies), as well as the sellers.

We assist in the structuring of transactions for our clients, so that the clients will have the most beneficial structure and still comply with prevailing laws. We also perform the due diligence, prepare the transaction documents and provide assistance in procuring the required approvals.


The Firm has represented both borrowers and lenders in certain loan restructurings.

We provide advice and prepare necessary documents related to the restructuring transaction.


We have assisted clients in the sale and purchase of coal, preparing legal documents, as well as maintaining compliance with Indonesian mining laws and regulations.

We have also represented clients who intended to acquire companies or sell their shares in companies in the field of coal and other mineral mining.

Hotel and Property

The Firm has represented clients that are engaged in the hotel and property business.

It has experience in representing the hotel’s owner dealing with the management agreement with an international hotel chain and the owner of a shopping mall with the lease agreement with its tenants.

The Firm has also assisted clients who are engaged in the real estate business with their agreements, providing legal advice for their transactions, compliance with relevant laws and regulations as well as other legal matters.

We also provide advice and prepare agreements related to sale end purchase transactions on land, buildings and leasing (sewa menyewa).

Capital Market

The Firm provides assistance in transactions related to the capital market and issues a legal opinion on such transaction. We have assisted a public listed company in Indonesia in relation to a capital market transaction, preparing a due diligence report and providing relevant advice regarding the structure of the transaction.


Employment matters are essential and important matters for companies doing business in Indonesia.

It is imperative that companies are duly advised on employment matters which involve extensive rules and regulations.

The Firm offers legal advice and counsel to clients regarding employment agreements, company regulations, including termination of employment and compliance with laws and regulations and prepare related employment agreements.

Dispute Resolution and Litigation

The Firm has from time to time assisted its clients in the settlement of their disputes.

The service included pre-litigation advice to its clients, representing its clients in negotiations with the counter party.

We have experience in representing our clients before several courts in Indonesia and the Indonesian National Board of Arbitration (Badan Arbitrase Nasional Indonesia).